Laser printer engraver for high security printing

When security is the highest priority at your organization, laser engravers can give you a peace of mind. Due to the high resolution engraving (600 to 1600 dpi) and the capability to integrate a multitude of further security features, the laser engraving machines by Matica offer unprecedented protection against altercation or reproduction that make forgery virtually impossible. Currently, Matica offers two multi-modular desktop solutions: LCP8000, utilizing retransfer color printing technology and LES8000, a powerful, yet compact gray scale engraving machine.

LCP8000: a multi-modular HD retransfer printing and laser printer engraver machine

Three interconnected components, each responsible for their respective tasks, build up the LCP8000 Laser Color Personalization System. Matica’s XID8600 retransfer printing module offers vibrant full-color over-the-edge printing. A compact laser engraving unit is responsible for a secure inline engraving. Lastly, a lamination module boosts the durability of the cards. Printing, engraving and lamination are all handled in a single pass. One of the fastest machines on the market, LCP8000, can process up to 125 cards per hour, if used to print and engrave single-sided cards. However, it is also capable of dual-sided printing and scores with an easy setup, handling and service. It is well suited for high security needs in industrial and governmental settings alike.

LES8000: fast and compact high-security laser engraver

A compact engraving machine, LES8000, is particularly well-suited for the advanced security needs and the high output of governmental agencies. This desktop solution has the power of a full-blown industrial engraving machine compressed into a relatively small and light body that weights under 32 kg. Furthermore, it is capable of a fully automated production of dual-sided laser-engraved gray scale images. Therefore, it is perfect for the production of sensitive documents, such as national IDs, drivers’ licenses, vehicle registration cards or visas. Lastly, LES8000 is a heavy-duty laser engraver designed to process up to 180 single-sided cards per hours, and averaging 120 cards per hour depending on the required encoding system.

Optimize the workflow to suit your demands with laser printer engraver

Each laser engraving machine by Matica features multiple encoding options such as magnetic stripe, as well as contact and contactless technology. They can be scaled to continuously meet the needs of your organization: Advanced Intelligent Printer Management allows connecting up to ten individual machines to create a parallel workflow. This enables you to either significantly cut down on printing time, or satisfy the demands for a higher volume of cards without compromising the speed. LES8000 can also be combined with a lamination module offering clear or holographic films for additional protection.

Take advantage of an unrivaled anti-counterfeit protection

Whether you opt for a full-color retransfer printing or a high-quality grayscale laser printer engraver technology, both models were designed to safeguard the documents issued by your institution. Depending on the needs of your organization, laser printer engraver affords a range of optional security features that can be adapted to each customer’s requirements. They include micro text, tactile effects, CLI and MLI, high resolution gradient UV printing, IPI™ and LetterScreen™ (by Jura JSP), LPI® and FUSE®-ID (by G&D), tru/window™ LOCK (by Trüb AG), electronic guilloche, as well as custom holographic foils for surface protection. Combined, they offer an unrivaled level of anti-counterfeit security.


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