The international flow of goods and services is not the sole result of globalization: people move across the globe with increased ease and frequency as well. This, in turn, ramps up the concerns for border security and the need for efficient and secure documents to confirm the identity of incoming travelers. Therefore, while the idea of passport control is only about a century old, the demand for secure and efficient passport printing continues to rise daily. Matica Technologies is invested in offering functional, consistent, and scalable solutions for government issuance. One model was specifically developed for the purpose of creating high-quality machine readable travel documents.

Ensure a safe travelling environment

As a growing stream of people traverses the globe for business or leisure, passport printing offices also play a role in protecting both incoming and outgoing travelers. Preventing counterfeit or alteration of the official governmental documents requires care and the highest level of security during issuance. Matica Technologies is dedicated to helping you produce durable, tamper-resistant passports to ensure a smooth flow of authorized people at the border.


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