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The international flow of goods and services is not the sole result of globalization: people move across the globe with increased ease and frequency as well. This, in turn, ramps up the concerns for border security and the need for efficient and secure documents to confirm the identity of incoming travelers. Therefore, while the idea of passport control is only about a century old, the demand for secure and efficient passport printing continues to rise daily.

Matica Technologies is invested in offering functional, consistent, and scalable solutions for government issuance. Two models were specifically developed for the purpose of creating high-quality machine readable travel documents.

Secure Passport Printing with P101i/202i

Matica’s P101i and P202i are six-color and four-color inkjet printers, respectively. Packaged into a relatively compact, yet robust body, both models allow for a black and white or color printing resolution of up to 4800 dpi. They work with durable pigmented cyan, yellow and magenta inks in addition to black, stored in long-lasting ink tanks.

Featuring the OEM printing technology by Hewlett Packard, each passport printer can easily issue visa, as well as ordinary, diplomatic, or biometric passports in compliance with the current recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Furthermore, an individual print face, such as “Visa” or “Observations”, can be set for every page.

The models include two optional features for enhanced security and flexible configuration. An RFID Reader and Writer allows handling contactless RFID chips in ePassports. The second optional feature, a camera system, further enables the printer to position the mandatory machine readable zone in accordance with ICAO specifications. Moreover, the camera can retrieve visual data, like passport number or images from the document.

The right passport printer for your demands

Though both of Matica’s models offer everything a passport issuance office needs, each has a strongest suite that distinguishes it. The six-color P101i offers a unique advantage through simultaneous printing in visible and invisible ultraviolet colors (to be controlled under a specific UV light wave range). It is also capable of working with infrared ink, available upon request. Do not let the higher ink consumption discourage you: its printing system is designed to save ink and money. Thus, the P101i is a cost-effective solution for outstanding security and an output of up to 80 passport pages per hour.

The P202i model is invaluable for higher volume passport printing, due to its ability to print two pages at once and spend as low as nine seconds per data page – the most elaborate page of the document. This thermal ink pass printer can achieve an output of 180 pages per hour, depending on the complexity of your template. This means that your office can print passport booklets at an unrivaled speed without compromising the quality.

Ensure a safe travelling environment

As a growing stream of people traverses the globe for business or leisure, passport printing offices also play a role in protecting both incoming and outgoing travelers. Preventing counterfeit or alteration of the official governmental documents requires care and the highest level of security during issuance. Matica Technologies is dedicated to helping you produce durable, tamper-resistant passports to ensure a smooth flow of authorized people at the border.


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