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The new XID9x00e system offers some of the highest quality and reliability in color card printing on the market. This unique retransfer card printer is the most sophisticated ID card printer in the desktop card issuance market. Suitable for a range of applications that benefit from the new Matica Desktop Modules (MDM) concept, this new concept offers individual modules that combine accurate middleware and drivers to print a whole host of ID card applications.

Designed for heavy-duty card issuance with a parallel processing power it allows national authorities and card service bureaus batch personalization process to fulfill low to mid-volume ID card printing needs preferably in
decentralized production environments.

The XID9x00e concept offers 300dpi and 600dpi card printing quality, which is beyond comparison. A local on-board PC dramatically reduces the transfer times of network data and its new IP brokers high-speed data connectivity when the card is issued.

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