Sharp and vibrant colors, edge-to-edge or over-the-edge coverage and quicker outputs are just some of the benefits offered by a reliable retransfer printer. Matica puts forward both entry-level and advanced models, as well as single and double sided ID card printers in its extensive line of XID retransfer series. The specific security and output requirements of various organizations were considered in developing the range of models at different price points.

Discover the benefits of retransfer printing technology with XID

Retransfer printers (also known as reverse transfer) are capable of producing photographic quality images in high resolutions and vivid colors. As opposed to the traditional dye sublimation direct-to-card printers, retransfer printers apply color to a transparent film that is thermally bonded to the card. This allows for an improved printing speed, as well as an edge-to-edge coverage without a white border to suit the professional and the aesthetic requirements of your institution. Retransfer printing technology additionally leaves you free to use both PVC and non-PVC materials and to print directly on uneven surfaces, such as smart cards or pre-punctured cards. Furthermore, the resulting products are more resistant to abrasions and tampering, providing a better durability and fraud protection.

XID retransfer printers to suit the needs of your organization

A reliable and affordable entry level model, XID8100, is perfectly suited for lower day-to-day output demands and budgets. On the opposite side of the spectrum is the XID8600 model, a sophisticated and robust double-sided printer offering a 600 dpi printing quality. The ultra high resolution enables the production of a range of graphic elements and even allows for an integration of micro text for additional security.

XID8300: Matica’s most popular desktop retransfer printer

The jewel and bestseller in the XID retransfer printer series is the XID8300 model. This double sided printer is a versatile solution for flexible personalization, capable of clear and vibrant color printing on both sides. A range of further security features and optional modules allows you to upgrade this printer to suit your demands as the needs of your organization change. This printer’s brother model, the XL8300 is a unique and innovative retransfer printer specifically developed for personalizing oversized cards. While it integrates the same technology, its capability to print on non-standard cards is particularly well-suited for the needs of the entertainment industry. Single and dual sided lamination modules round off the series to compliment the retransfer printer line. All in all, the XID retransfer printers by Matica include options for access cards, employee IDs, driver licenses, transit passes and financial flat cards, with the largest variety of smart card encoding, printing and lamination modules in the world for desktop solutions.


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