Industry pioneering smart card chip
personalization software

Xpressi delivers unmatched smart chip personalization capabilities to a wide range of markets and offers an extensive range of features that make it the perfect solution for both centralized or decentralized identity issuance programs or for schemes that combine both elements.​

Tailored to any requirement, Xpressi enables issuers to personalize a wide variety of government and bank-compliant chip types and brands. Matica’s Xpressi issuance solutions offer issuers the ability to personalize cards, whilst keeping sensitive data secure throughout the issuance process.

Using Matica’s in-house software development team, Matica has the resources to customize standard packages and create software programs from scratch, including new developments in mobile payment and secure ID. Every installation is backed by Matica’s 24-hour support provided by a global team of software experts.

Flexible architecture

  • Solutions for contact, contactless and magnetic stripe encoding
  • Fully compatible with Matica’s extensive range of personalization hardware
  • Supports a wide variety of government-compliant smart chip types and brands
  • Can be custom developed to match end-user requirements
  • Forging the path for the latest software developments to work with future technologies

Card issuance protection

  • Uses industry-standard security protocols – including HTTPS, SSL
  • No data is stored on sites or on printers, reducing the risk of data breaches
  • User-defined access privileges, ensuring the correct personnel has access to software and machines
  • All keys are encrypted for full access control
  • Uses bank, government, or issuance facility’s own data network
  • Follows Payment Card Industry Data Security (PCI DSS) Compliance Standards, For more information visit https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org

Additional features

  • Every operator action is logged including key creation/deletion, import/export keys, permission settings, card program creation, and deletion
  • Designed and built to handle hundreds of issuance sites within its architecture, perfect for instant issuance programs
  • Flexible input file formatting from a host which includes CSV, XML, IBM MQ Message, and text file​
  • Allows an unlimited number of BINS per issuer which in turn allows each issuer to have multiple card programs per BIN​
  • Extensive monitoring, including HSM utilization, hourly card throughput, real-time site printer status, and jobs running in production.

Xpressi™ software options