COTSconnect API

COTSconnect API 
The perfect tool for third party integration


Use the COTSconnect API to offer your customers card activation, card deactivation, replacement card ordering, CVV2 verification, and PIN change directly through your home banking, mobile banking, and audio response systems.  COTSconnect API is a robust, secure application programming interface for integration with your 3rd party services.

With Cards On The Spot’s deep integration, your core processing system and transaction processing networks will be instantly updated with the activation requests and/or new PIN offset.  Replacement cards can be scheduled to print at a pre-defined location.  Lost and stolen cards can be immediately deactivated.  Replacement cards can be scheduled to print at a pre-defined location.  Our CVV2 validation has even been integrated into other non-instant-issuance applications.

The COTSconnect API is an add-on product that can be utilized with the Cards On The Spot implementations that have full core integration and transaction processor integration (either directly or through the core) or through 3rd party applications that have capability to update processors as needed.








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